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Aloha From Akamai, Your Hawaii Solar Company

Over the past several years Akamai Sustainable Technologies has enjoyed strong growth in the Hawaii solar power industry. We’ve developed a smarter business model that results in higher quality Hawaii photovoltaic installations, more responsive sales and customer service, and stronger Hawaii solar power incentive programs for customer referrals.

Our Mission – Growing Solar Energy & Sustainable Technology in Hawaii

Our mission is to add value to people’s lives by helping them achieve as much self reliance and sustainability in their lifestyle as possible. Currently our core focus is delivering quality Hawaii photovoltaic systems, but Akamai is also committed to additional “means of production” and sustainability systems such as Battery Banks, Water Catchment Systems, Aquaponics Systems, Hydroponics Systems, Chicken Coups, Rabbitries, Compost and BSF Production, Composting Toilets, Permaculture Design and other technologies. These are all colors on the sustainability spectrum.

Why Choose Us – The Akamai Difference

Industry Experience

Akamai Sustainable Technologies features 15 years of combined experience in the Hawaii solar power industry. We are familiar with the many nuances of the Hawaii solar business, and bring this wealth of knowledge to every Hawaii photovoltaic installation that we take on.

Choice of Panels

Akamai is not exclusively tied to any panel manufacturer and has the flexibility to use whatever panel is both best for the job as well as what works within the customer’s budget and preference. A few of the panels we are able to source for our customers are the following: SolarWorld, Samsung, BenQ, Kyocera, Canadian Solar, ET, Hyundai. There are many other brands that are available as well for your Hawaii solar needs.

Quality of Workmanship

Many companies focus more on sales than customer service and workmanship quality. At Akamai we focus on getting the job done right the first time, so that we don’t need to come back to fix something later. In addition to our attention to detail on every job, we stress customer service and satisfaction by training our employees to treat every customer with respect and courtesy.

Timeliness of Installation

We take our installation schedules seriously and file all the necessary regulatory approvals and permits quickly and efficiently to ensure a timely completion of our jobs. Our in-house installation teams are trained and experienced to complete your Hawaii solar power installation on schedule and in a timely manner


The Hawaii solar power industry is booming in Hawaii. Instead of TV advertising and expensive marketing, we take a fresher approach…Keep Overhead Low, and pass the savings on to our customers!