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PV panels are not a strange site to the average American. In the 1980s they were easily displayed on solar calculators, and now, if you are walking down the street in Oahu (whether residential or commercial) and you look up, you are bound to see solar panels on the rooftops of many buildings.


At Akamai Solar we have several brands of solar panels and inverters that can help you flex your power and yield significant savings. A few of the leading brands that we rely on are SolarWorld, BenQ, Kyocera, ET, Hyundai, Canadian Solar as well as Samsung. Although our company is not exclusively aligned with any sustainable energy manufacturer, we can ensure that we’ll get the brand that you want, at the price that you need. Making the switch to clean and affordable energy through using a PV system is a sure thing with us on your side. It all starts with the vision to make your solar system initiative a reality.


Prior to installation of PV panels, we take the time out to do a detailed assessment of the site where the work will be done. We will examine the best location for installation while pinpointing the exact location where the solar energy comes into your home or office building. When it comes to requesting building permits and negotiating agreements in Oahu, we’ve got you covered. Leave all of the hassle of the paperwork process to us – after all, this is what we do in order to turn your vision of sustainable energy into a reality.

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