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Our Hawaii Solar Services

When your Hawaii photovoltaic solar system is installed by Akamai, you’ll see why our services create a happy customer. Our Hawaii solar services bring each customer a proven cycle that maximizes savings and job quality, and minimizes install time.

Passionate Representatives

Start your experience off with a Hawaii solar consultant who enjoys promoting this amazing technology, and understands the general, technical, and financial aspects of getting you plugged into the Hawaii solar industry. Dealing with the right person overseeing the project can make all the difference in your experience. We take this aspect seriously at Akamai Solar Hawaii.

Accurate Energy Analysis

After you find the right consultant, the next step is to have a well formulated Hawaii Energy Analysis to get an accurate reading on your energy demand. We want to find out how many Kilowatt Hours of energy you consume in a one year period. Then, we can make the size of your solar system the perfect size to match the demand of your household. Our consultants are skilled at calculating how many Hawaii Solar Panels you need in order to meet your demand.

Kama’aina Price

Absolutely the lowest price for photovoltaic solar panels in Hawaii!  We guarantee the lowest price (within reason). Our goal is to make solar affordable for everyone.  Most of our customers save thousands of dollars… $10,000 is not uncommon when compared with some of the retail solar installers in Oahu and Hawaii. Before You Buy, Call Akamai!

Quick Install

Our experienced Hawaii photovoltaic crews are quick and precise.  You’ll find that it’s amazing how long you’ve been paying an electric bill yet, how quickly you can stop the frustration with Hawaii photovoltaic solar panels and Hawaii Sunshine! Most of our Hawaii photovoltaic installations are finished in 2 days.

Details Included

Not surprising, there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be submitted in order to successfully orchestrate a Hawaii solar energy installation. There’s the NEM Agreement to HECO… The Department of Permitting Application… Permit Drawings… Solar System breakdown for Hawaii Taxes etc… Well, we take care of all of these details so you don’t have too. And, at the end of your installation, we will call for your permit to close and give you all the paperwork needed for your tax credit accounting purposes / CPA. Then, you can monitor your new Hawaii solar system using the new enphase app and module, and wait for your first $16 Bill to come in from HECO. It’s like magic… Panels go on, Bill Drops to $16. Let’s get started!

Refer and Earn!

Receive $700 for every new Hawaii solar customer that you refer to Akamai. We go out of our way to make sure you are happy and satisfied because the bulk of our business comes from referrals and good recommendations. As an added bonus for spreading the word about us, we credit you handsomely for a new customer. We consider our customer service department to be our marketing department. We look forward to your call!

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