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Our Hawaii Solar Power Installation Process

Through the combination of years of experience in the solar power Hawaii industry, and the constant refinement of installation methods and customer service techniques, Akamai has emerged with a Service and Installation formula that is second to none!

Here is what you can expect as a customer of Akamai:

  • Initial Site Assessment – A Hawaii Solar Consultant will stop by to determine your demand for energy, determine the best photovoltaic panel placement, and give you an estimate.
  • Design Department Review – Our design department will ensure the best panel placement, and determine whether you will need an electric service upgrade.
  • Paperwork & Procedure – We prepare the necessary building permits, and the net metering agreement required by HECO.
  • Installation – We schedule an installation date that works for you. Depending upon size, most Hawaii photovoltaic jobs take about 2-3 days to install. Your monitoring system is also installed so you can view your energy production online.
  • Close Permit – Inspections now take place, and your permit is closed. You are given a statement of account that you will need when claiming your tax credits. We will then answer any follow up questions that you may have, and explain our generous referral program. Once you’ve experienced the Akamai Difference, you‘ll understand why we are “Hawaii’s Smarter Side of Solar”!